Please find below the current training courses for certification bodies and auditors:


IFS Scoring Course

Voluntary IFS training for IFS Food exam applicants, reviewers who are not already approved IFS Auditors, industry staff: how does IFS score? and auditors who would like to improve their scoring skills.

IFS Food Calibration Training

Obligatory training for all IFS Food auditors who want to extend their IFS Food auditor qualification.

IFS Logistics Calibration Training

Obligatory training for all IFS pure Logistics auditors who want to maintain their IFS Logistics auditor qualification.

IFS PACsecure Calibration Training

As indicated in the IFS PACsecure Standard auditors need to attend the calibration training every two years to maintain their auditor approval. 

IFS Train-the-trainer

Obligatory training course for all (certification body) internal IFS trainers, reviewers and observers.
The IFS “Train the trainer”- course is the equivalent  (mentioned in: IFS Food version 6.1, Part 3, chapter 3.1) of the IFS in-house course organized by the certification body.

IFS Logistics, 2.2 Auditor Training

Qualification Training for all IFS Food auditors, who also want to audit against IFS Logistics.

IFS Broker Auditor Training

Qualification Training for all IFS Food auditors, who also want to audit against IFS Broker.

IFS Wholesale / Cash & Carry Version 2

Qualification Training for IFS Food auditors and reviewer, who also want to audit and review reports against IFS Wholesale / Cash & Carry

Combined Sessions: Examination & Training

Auditor qualification trainings in combination with examinations.

IFS PACsecure auditor training

Qualification training for all who would like to become an IFS PACsecure auditor.

IFS HPC Version 2, Auditor Training

Qualification Training for all who would like to become an IFS HPC auditor.

IFS Global Markets-Logistics assessor training

The IFS Global Markets – Logistics is a standardized product safety program for logistic service providers. The aim is to support “small and/or less developed businesses” in the development of a product safety management system and to help them make the first step towards the IFS Logistics.

IFS Global Markets – Food Assessors Training

Qualification Training for all potential assessors, who meet the basic requirements of part 3 of IFS Global Markets – Food.



  • 31 March 2020
    IFS Remote Surveillance Check now available

    IFS has launched the Guideline for the new IFS Remote Surveillance Check which can be downloaded here. IFS offers this IFS Remote Surveillance Check...

  • 24 February 2020
    IFS certified to ISO/EIC 27001:2013 standard

    We are proud to announce that IFS Management GmbH is certified to ISO/EIC 27001:2013 standard! “IFS takes data protection and the management of sensitive data...

  • 18 February 2020
    Publication of IFS Food V7 postponed

    The publication of the IFS Food 7 will be postponed. With the establishment of a uniform European procedure, which necessitates a program evaluation (EA 1/22)...

  • 18 February 2020
    IFS accepted by French authority DGAL

    After the recognition by the Dutch Food Safety Authority NVWA, the IFS Food Standard is now also recognized by the French General Directorate of Food,...


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