IFS Broker Auditor Training


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Price per participant

Please note that prices may vary in different markets.
495 EUR net



Only existing IFS Auditors can participate at the IFS Broker training. Also only auditors who participate at an IFS Broker organised by the IFS will be accepted as trained auditors. It is not possible that trained participants can train other IFS auditors.



Registration is required for your Auditor at least 4 weeks before the training and it is only possible online via the IFS Academy. Please contact your certification body to get the registration key.



The exact place and address of the training course will be announced soon. Please be informed that we have only limited places per course. Please note that IFS Management GmbH is authorized to cancel the event due to circumstances beyond the control of IFS and due to an important reason (for instance acute sickness of the trainer, insufficient number of participants).


Special areas for



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