General news about IFS - 01.2014

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Today we would like to provide you with the latest news about the IFS Standards and general developments. As from 2014 onwards, we plan to provide you with a general update about all IFS relevant topics four times a year, based on the IFS International Technical Committee meeting outcomes.


Clarification about combined IFS Food/ IFS Broker audit


IFS would like to clarify that the Standard IFS Broker has been developed to check the implementation of purchasing processes, supplier selection, traceability systems and crisis management at brokers, importers and agencies. IFS would like to point out that there is no obligation for a combined audit IFS Food and IFS Broker at a food producing company, if this company both processes and trades products. The request of clients of IFS Food certified manufacturers to perform an additional IFS Broker audit is a request which goes above the IFS rule, and arises from the wish to have one specific audit check which focuses on the management of trade products and their sourcing.

Further information about the IFS Broker Standard


New IFS Standard: IFS Food Store, version 1


The IFS Food Store Standard is a new Standard belonging to the IFS brand (International Featured Standards). With this new Standard, IFS provides retailers with an inspection tool for evaluating the food safety of foodstuffs retailed at points of sale.
The IFS Food Store, version 1 Standard is now available on the IFS website as a free download, in French language. Other languages will follow shortly. It comes into force from 1st of January 2014.

Download the new IFS Food Store Standard in French language


GFSI benchmarks IFS PACsecure


IFS PACsecure, the IFS Standard for manufacturers of primary and secondary packaging materials, is now officially benchmarked by the Global Food Safety Initiative (GFSI).

GFSI announced via news release, that the Board of Directors has approved the benchmark committee’s recommendation for approval of IFS PACsecure. The Standard, a collaboration between IFS and The Packaging Association (PAC), is designed to provide high level safety and quality certification for food and non-food packaging material producers and converters. The benchmark provides previously certified companies, and those who are being asked for certification, the ultimate opportunity to implement a Standard known for its integrity, its practical approach to continuous improvement, and now global recognition under the GFSI banner.

IFS would like to thank all contributors that helped to develop the Standard. We are also grateful to the companies allowing the first audits, as well as the certification bodies who conducted them. Additionally IFS appreciates the current requests of several companies who started to concern themselves with the Standard to anticipate customer demands.

On the IFS website, companies interested in certification can download the Standard free of charge and find a list of certification bodies providing audits. Training dates will also be published soon.

Download the IFS PACsecure Standard


IFS Food Packaging Guideline, version 2


The second edition of the IFS Food Packaging Guideline now includes the adjustment to Version 6 of IFS Food as well as the new legislative regulations and the latest developments of the market. This guideline relates to the existing requirements of IFS Food, Version 6 concerning product packaging only, including an interpretation thereof and does not contain additional requirements. This guideline is currently available in English and German language.

Further information about the guideline


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