As a regular user of the IFS database, we would like to invite you to test the latest feature of the IFS.

The new IFS Trend Risk Monitor offers you the opportunity to evaluate the official alerts of EU-RASFF and FDA as well as to receive current news from authorities and institutions as well as food magazines in different languages directly on the screen via RSS feeds. In addition, we provide useful links for your daily risk management, such as the monthly EU food fraud report.

In the course of a soft-launch, we provide the IFS Trend Risk Monitor to all regular users without having to advertise it separately. If you have any suggestions for improvement or discover errors, please write to me at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Your Stephan Tromp
IFS Managing Director

1 drag drop

You can individualize organize your dashboard by dragging and dropping each box.
Just click on the box and move it to the preferred place. 

Some boxes are clickable.

5 click details

If you click on the content you get a more detailed description or analysis.

Some boxes can be individualized. You can filter by countries and/or IFS Product Scopes.

Now you see only the filtered and relevant information.

4 filter box

In addition, some boxes offer the option to apply the chosen IFS Product Scopes to all database analyses.

4 filter box2

Please use the calendar function on the top left.

2 calendard
  • You can choose between different
    time frames or apply a customized time range.
  • Just select the desired start and end date and
    click on  “apply” afterwards.
  • Your choice will be adopted for all boxes.
  • Now you see only the filtered and
    relevant information.


Please note: The data will be updated every 24 hours.

New boxes can be added by clicking on “New Dashboard Box”. IFS prepared a selection of different sources.
To make finding sources of interest easier, you can use our search functions and filter by type of sources, languages or regions.
Categories are only available if there are sources matching your selection.

2 new box

Furthermore we provide you the possibility to add an own Dashboard box.
To insert a new box the following information is required:

3 new box
  • Name of the source
  • URL
  • Type of source
  • Languages
  • Sub region

For example, it is planned to respond to general trends in food safety and global alerts from institutions or just to explain the scope assignment of individual public alert messages.

  IFS Verified Notification

You can follow the FDA verified last messages. Please click on add new dashboard and scroll down.

You will find the selection option for the FDA verified last messages.


Follow the monthly EU Food Fraud Monitoring report.

Just add the box to your IFS Trend Risk Monitor.

Click on add new dashboard, scroll down & select EU Food Fraud report.

Food Fraud

You can follow the RASFF last messages. Please click on add new dashboard and scroll down.

You will find the selection option for the RASFF last messages.

RASFF Last Massenges




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