IFS Food Fraud Mitigation Training


  • Background to Food Fraud
  • Identification of Food Fraud Risks
  • Food Fraud Vulnerability Assessment
  • Food Fraud Mitigation Plan
  • Maintenance of the Food Fraud Mitigation Plan
  • IFS Audits in relation to Food Fraud
  • Practical case studies

Your benefit

  • You know the background and possible extent of food fraud
  • You can safely identify food fraud risks
  • Learn to create a vulnerability assessment for food fraud
  • Learn how to create a food fraud mitigation plan
  • You know how the mitigation plan is maintained and kept up to date
  • You know how auditors check the new requirements in IFS Food 6.1 

Target groups

Quality assurance, purchasing, logistics or laboratory staff of the food industry,

Quality management representative, interested parties from the food industry



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