FDA-approved 2.5 day course - Are you serving customers in the USA? Then your company might need a trained “Preventive Controls Qualified Individual” (PCQI). This person should have successfully completed training in the development and application of risk-based preventive controls.

IFS Food Fraud Mitigation Training

The issue of food fraud has gained a lot of attention over the last few years, and rightfully so. While the main motivator of fraudsters is economic gain, food fraud can also lead to serious health risks. Learn how you can prepare your company, build a vulnerability assessment and mitigation plan, and stay on top of the game!

IFS Wholesale / Cash & Carry Version 2

Participants will learn how to start the certification process and how to fulfill the requirements of their customers and IFS. The IFS Wholesale / Cash & Carry was developed to allow a more individual way of auditing cash & carry markets as well as wholesalers with respect to their specific work processes.

IFS Global Markets – Logistics

The aim is to support “small and/or less developed businesses” in the development of a product safety management system and to help them make the first step towards the IFS Logistics.

IFS Global Markets – Food Industry Training

With the IFS Global Markets program, IFS Management GmbH created a tool for small and/or less developed companies to get an easy entry into food safety.

Internal Audits and supplier audits from the IFS perspective

Audit objectives and preparation, risk-based audit planning

IFS PACsecure, Version 1.1

Introduction to IFS PACsecure: legal requirements, GMP and examples


HACCP from the IFS Perspective

Use of the HACCP from the IFS perspective

IFS Food, version 6.1

The requirements of the IFS Food, version 6.1

IFS Food Defense

IFS Food 6 requirements related to food defense

IFS Logistics, version 2.2

The requirements of the IFS Logistics, version 2.2

IFS Broker

Introduction to the IFS Broker standard

IFS HPC Introduction

IFS HPC is a standard applicable for companies producing household and personal care products. The aim of this course is to learn  about standard in details (e.g. audit protocol, KO requirements etc.). 

IFS HPC Risk Assessment

Course focused on how to implemented risk assessment requirements according to the standard.



  • 31 March 2020
    IFS Remote Surveillance Check now available

    IFS has launched the Guideline for the new IFS Remote Surveillance Check which can be downloaded here. IFS offers this IFS Remote Surveillance Check...

  • 24 February 2020
    IFS certified to ISO/EIC 27001:2013 standard

    We are proud to announce that IFS Management GmbH is certified to ISO/EIC 27001:2013 standard! “IFS takes data protection and the management of sensitive data...

  • 18 February 2020
    Publication of IFS Food V7 postponed

    The publication of the IFS Food 7 will be postponed. With the establishment of a uniform European procedure, which necessitates a program evaluation (EA 1/22)...

  • 18 February 2020
    IFS accepted by French authority DGAL

    After the recognition by the Dutch Food Safety Authority NVWA, the IFS Food Standard is now also recognized by the French General Directorate of Food,...


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