IFS Pathway

IFS Pathway is a brand-new IFS Tool designed to support IFS Global Markets assessed companies as they progress to the next level. The Pathway helps them gain the necessary knowledge and skills to enhance their product safety and quality management to achieve full  IFS Certification.
The IFS Pathway also assists businesses that are already IFS certified or preparing  for their initial certification to an IFS Standard. They will find valuable resources regarding specific technical topics.

Accordingly, the IFS Pathway currently addresses:

  • IFS Global Markets assessed and IFS certified companies
  • Companies preparing for an initial IFS Assessment (upon recommendation from partnering retailers or associations)


The IFS Pathway Platform

Together with our international IFS Pathway partners and designated experts, IFS has built an interactive, engaging, and supportive platform offering a wide variety of training courses, supporting references, and practical guidance.

The IFS Pathway Platform is embedded in the IFS Academy. We have chosen a modular, interactive, and technical oriented approach enabling companies to put together a training and development programme tailored to their individual needs. It allows them to determine the working method, content, and time frame individually.

IFS and the IFS Pathway Partners will regularly update and expand the content and plan to bring more partners on board.


IFS Pathway contents Skyscraper 10 steps

You can find these contents on the IFS Pathway Platform:

  • Ten (10) modular supporting steps for certification plan. These steps provide a logical path towards certification using a structured method combined with several IFS resources, tools and technical contents especially developed for the IFS Pathway.
  • A technical library. It contains various resources such as technical letters or white papers, guidelines, training materials, case studies and best practices. These resources enhance the professional expertise relating to the IFS Global Markets programs and Standards and contribute to implementing the IFS Requirements according to their intention.
  • An introduction to the IFS Pathway, background information and testimonials
  • Information about the IFS Pathway Partners


The IFS Pathway objectives

Participants following the IFS Pathway will:

  • Strengthen their technical capabilities and awareness towards resilient product safety and quality management processes in their companies.
  • Learn to continuously improve the robustness of the company's product safety and quality processes.
  • Gain a better understanding of the IFS Requirements, their background and implementation.
  • Learn how the risk-based and non-prescriptive approach of IFS allows custom solutions that fit specific production conditions.
  • Create a modular and adaptable certification plan to progress in the IFS Global Markets programs and finally achieve certification to an IFS standard.
  • Selectively expand their knowledge and skills needed to reach the next level of the IFS Global Markets program or IFS Certification.
  • Establish a vivid product safety culture that is shared throughout the company and with business partners.
  • Profit from having access to supportive resources and practical guidance materials


The IFS Pathway Partners

Over 60 IFS Stakeholders and professional partners actively support the IFS Pathway. Training institutions, retailers, manufacturers, certification bodies, assessment services providers, consultants, and individual experts contribute their profound technical knowledge, expertise and professional experiences relating to the various IFS Global Markets programs and Standards. Their engagement ensures that the content we offer is well-founded and practice oriented.


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