Morgante S.p.A

Questions IFS and answers Morgante S.p.A., Alberto Morgante, owner

When did your company start to use IFS? Morgante plant in Romans d'Isonzo was certified for it in 2005, while the site of San Daniele in 2008.

What was your motivation to introduce IFS in your company?
The motivation that pushed us toward this certification was the commercial demand.

What did you determine about optimising the process chain of your business? The company has turned its attention more on hygiene - health and safety of products, through the use of trained personnel, careful selection of suppliers and a very active maintenance.

How did you improve customer relations / gain new customers?
The IFS certificate improved our reliability as a supplier and a highly capable partner

Did you reduce customer complaints / product recalls?
Complaints concerned with the appearance of product safety have been reduced and no recalls of the product were received. Also a more timely and proper management was an effect.

How would you benchmark the economic efficiency of IFS?
L 'economic efficiency is measured through the reduction of non-compliance, including those recorded by the veterinary service and complaints / returns

How could you improve your competitiveness?
Competitiveness against other producers has improved due to our customers‘ higher trust in us. Because of IFS certificates indeed, especially big retailers and industries that purchase our products for finished, switched to as their favorite suppliers.

Do you have further suggestions or recommendations for improving IFS? It would be desirable to obtain a value recognition for this certification also from the official organs of control.

Morgante S.p.A. has its manufacturing facilities in Romans d'Isonzo (GO) since 1957 and in San Daniele del Friuli (UD) since 1986. However, the ancestor Olvino Morgante founded a first slaughter and butchery company in the '20s in Tarcento (UD). The lack of room to grow and the inability to work across industry, forced the young Caesar and Giuseppe Morgante to move to the area of Gorizia. By the sixties there was the expansion itself: the company gave away the slaughter and devoted itself entirely to the manufactoring of sausages end salami. At that time Morgante was among the first producers of skinless frankfurters, cooked ham, cooked and shoulder salami seasoned. This leadership was maintained and consolidated until the early eighties. Increased competition has arisen in later years and the run downward pricing driven by the emergence of large retailers, led the top management, supported now by the third generation, to diversify its production into the field of raw sausages. In 1986 the Prosciuttificio Morgante SpA was opened in San Daniele for the production of cured ham. Both factories are still owned and run nowadays by the Morgante family.

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