Combined Sessions: Examination & Training



IFS Food combined exam session in Chile in May 2022
Written exam session: 19.05.2022
Oral exam session: 20.05.2022
Location: tbd, Santiago de Chile
Registration deadline: 05.04.2022

IFS Food combined exam session in Brazil in May 2022
Written exam session: 26.05.22
Oral exam session: 26.05. / 27.05.2022
Location: tbd, Sao Paulo
Registration deadline: 12.04.2022

IFS Food combined exam session in the Netherlands in May 2022
Written exam session: 30.05.2022
Oral exam session: 31.05.2022
Location: tbd, Utrecht
Registration deadline: 15.04.2022

IFS Food combined exam session in Türkiye in June 2022

Written exam session: 23.06.2022
Oral exam session: 24.06.2022
Location: Istanbul
Registration deadline: 12.05.2022

IFS Food combined exam session in China in June/July 2022
Written exam session: 29.06.22
Oral exam session: 30.06./ 01.07.2022
Location: tbd, Shanghai
Registration deadline: 17.05.2022

IFS Food/ Logistics combined exam session in USA in August 2022
Written exam session: 24.08.22
Oral exam session: 25.08. / 26.08.2022
Location: tbd, Chicago
Registration deadline: 12.07.2022



Please send your registration request for an exam session to by the above mentioned deadline. For final registration, the candidate´s CV has to be sent as completed via the IFS auditor portal a minimum of 6 weeks prior to the requested exam session.

In addition please note that we´ve prepared an IFS Auditor Tool Box with the source of knowledge for exam preparation, elearning courses and further supporting material. The enrolment key for protected material can be found in the CB cloud area and can be forwarded to the candidate as early as possible for exam preparation.

Please have in mind that in order to pass the IFS exams it is of utmost importance that the applicant knows the IFS standard as well as the IFS evaluation scheme very thoroughly. According to the IFS exam regulation it is normally mandatory for the applicant to first pass the written exam before he or she is allowed to take part in the oral exam. However, since we would like to give you the opportunity to build up auditor capacities very quickly and without spending too many travel costs we will offer a combined exam session. This means that the candidate will take part in both the written and oral exam even though the written exam will not be evaluated immediately (i.e. results will be communicated via email after the exam session).

For more information please check our current IFS exam regulation here.

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