In the Americas it has already been possible since 2014; and in future, consultants all over the world can benefit from the program for IFS Recognized Consultants. IFS Recognized Consultants are Consultants, who demonstrated their knowledge about the IFS and are expanding it on a regular basis.

Introducing the new IFS Recognized Consultant Program

With the program, the IFS offers consultants the opportunity to showcase their expertise to interested customers as well as to be found easier by potential customers on the IFS Website. But that’s not all! IFS Recognized Consultants get access to all IFS relevant information, additional assistance and further trainings, which supports their work. 

Through the IFS App Pro and Cloud version, IFS Recognized Consultants can also carry out structured audits at their costumers facilities and easily share the results and corrective actions by means of a few “clicks”. 

You are already working as a consultant and would like to participate in the program? Learn more on the following pages about the advantages, requirements and contact persons.


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