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News about IFS HPC / August 2011


1.Is the IFS HPC standard available in other languages than English?


We are pleased to inform you that the IFS HPC standard for household and personal care products is now available in the following languages:

-          English

-          French

-          Italian

The German version will be available in the next months.

If you would like to order the standard, please visit our website www.ifs-certification.com, “Shop” section.



2.Are there any IFS HPC Guidelines available?


IFS HPC Guidelines are now available for a free download on the “Download” section of IFS website. These guidelines are aimed to help both auditors and audited companies assessing and implementing each IFS HPC requirement.


As the IFS HPC check-list is the same for all products, it can happen that some requirements are not applicable for one or several of the 4 defined product scopes. These guidelines would also indicate whether specific requirements apply to all scopes or not.



3.How many auditors are qualified to perform IFS HPC audits and for which product scopes?


Following the IFS HPC training sessions for qualifying auditors, 17 auditors are now qualified to perform IFS HPC audits all over Europe.


IFS HPC product scope

Number of IFS HPC

approved auditors


Scope 1: cosmetic products




Scope 2: household chemical products




Scope 3: housekeeping properties




Scope 4: personal hygiene products




These 17 auditors are working, in total, for 10 different certification bodies. To know more about the certification bodies, please visit our website’s “Certification Bodies” section and then search by standard.



4.What are the several steps for an IFS HPC certification from the moment when companies receive any requests from their customer(s)?


As soon as the company receives any communication from their customers about the IFS HPC standard, the first steps of the general certification process can start. The main steps are:

-          To order a copy of the IFS HPC standard in order to know the requirements.

-          To assess the company by performing a gap analysis to check at which level the company fulfills the IFS HPC requirements. The company can perform a self-assessment or ask for an external assessment. IFS can provide such service if necessary.

-          Once the company is ready for the “real” IFS HPC certification audit, the company should contact an IFS HPC approved certification body (list available below in section 9 and on the IFS website).

-          To schedule the IFS HPC certification audit, together with the selected certification body.

-          If the results are conforming, the certification body issues an IFS HPC certificate, as well a complete IFS HPC audit report and action plan.



5.Are there any training courses about the IFS HPC standard for industry?


IFS HPC training sessions for industry are organized regularly under the IFS Academy Program. These 2–day training sessions are focused on a deep understanding of the IFS HPC standard, risk assessment and on assessing case studies based on real audit situations.

Next training dates are:

-          12-13/10/2011, Paris, French

-          19-20/10/2011, Dusseldorf, German

-          17-18/11/2011, Milan, Italian.



6.What are the main differences between IFS HPC and other standards related to household and personal care products?


The two main standards / norms currently related to these products are BRC Consumer Product and ISO 22716.


ISO 22716 is a norm which only focuses on good manufacturing and good hygiene practices for cosmetic products / companies. In the chapter related to production process, IFS HPC standard covers most requirements of the ISO 22716 but the ISO 22716 does not cover all IFS requirements. In particular, ISO 22716 does not ensure that:

-          the company is compliant with applicable legislation

-          the customers’ specifications are respected

-          a risk assessment has been performed within the company

-          the products do not represent any hazards for health and/or safety of consumer

whereas IFS HPC covers all these aspects.


BRC Consumer Product is a standard for auditing companies producing all kinds of non-food products. Therefore the scope is broader than IFS HPC and the auditor competences are less specific. In practice, BRC Consumer products is mostly used for textiles, paper products, all kinds of chemical products and plastic products.


As a result, IFS HPC is the most tailor made standard to audit household and cosmetic products and their processes and to ensure that products do not represent any hazards for health and/or safety of consumers.



For further information about the IFS HPC standard, please contact Stéphanie Lemaitre (Phone: +33 1 44 43 99 16 / E-mail: Cette adresse e-mail est protégée contre les robots spammeurs. Vous devez activer le JavaScript pour la visualiser.).



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