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Benefits of an IFS certification

IFS is a food safety and quality standard in one. The IFS has been developed to inspect the competence of food producers in food safety and in quality with one tool. This saves time and money. With IFS you get more than GFSI asks for.

IFS is risk-based. This means that you can develop your own suitable solution. During the audit, the IFS auditor only checks to see that your solution works and guarantees to produce safe products. IFS does not ask for specific procedures or machines if it is not necessary to establish a safe process for your production.
As life is not only black and white, the IFS scoring system shows differences in implementation. An auditor has the possibility to rate implementation with the deviation in scoring visible.

With the IFS audit report you get a real picture of your company and that provides a good base from which to start the improvement process. IFS gives you 12-months time to improve all deviations that are determined in the IFS audit. This gives your company the time to develop a tailor-made solution which fits your process. Only non-conformities which are related to food-safety or legal requirements have to be solved immediately.

IFS has the tool which helps you to prepare your company for the IFS audit.
With our software “AuditXpress” we provide a tool that shows you what will be checked by the auditor for each requirement. Additionally, we have developed a cross-reference to US law, so you can see how an IFS requirement is related to US food safety law.

IFS is good for your company. Experience shows that companies who have adopted IFS have improved their customer relationships and, at the end of the day, their competitive ability. The reason for this is that you structure your production process in a new way, you find points where you can improve, and overall you get a lot of input to save time and money.

IFS has a clear cost structure. No hidden costs! IFS asks only 39.00 euros (approx $55.00 US) for the hardcopy of the standard and 200.00 euros for the database. The costs for the audit have to be negotiated with the certification body of your choice.

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