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With more than 11,000 certificates, standards translated into 20 languages and 800+ auditors IFS Food is one of the largest food safety and quality standards worldwide.

Initially established in 2003, European retailers saw the need to secure the safety and quality of private label food products. The International Food Standard has continuously developed into an internationally recognized umbrella brand now called International Featured Standards (IFS), which now comprises globally applied standards in Food, Logistics, Household and Personal Care (HPC), Broker, and Cash & Carry/Wholesale. Nine out of ten of the largest European food retailers, as well as Wal-Mart and many other retailers worldwide use IFS. The acceptance among these retailers illustrates the strong global acceptance of IFS Food.

Motivated by increasingly stringent consumer expectations, globalized commodity flows and elevated risks of damage claims, IFS provides retailers and manufacturers with an internationally uniform system of coherent quality assurance, incorporating regulated audit procedures.

By applying IFS manufacturers do not only ensure the production of high-quality and safe goods they also improve existing internal processes leading to general savings, improved customer relations and higher competitiveness. According to a comprehensive study by the University of Rostock, IFS certified companies register a compelling reduction of food recalls up to 17 percent.

All IFS users are granted ideal support by a global network of IFS offices - Germany, France, Italy, USA, Brazil and China, the IFS Audit Portal, the IFS software auditXpress, as well as by training and information courses organized by the IFS Academy. A well-structured organization and global network ensures cooperation with international experts in order to continuously improve the standards and adapt optimally to changing conditions.

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