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IFS Organisation

IFS is a non-profit company, and finances itself with the selling of the different IFS standards and the fees to the certification bodies for the uploading of audit reports. All the revenues are used for improvments of the global IFS system (further translations, expertise, website and auditportal, etc.)

IFS Team


  • Helga Barrios Vidal,
    Technical Project Manager
  • George Gansner,
    Marketing/ Business Development Director
  • Dr. Helga Hippe,
    Quality Assurance Management Director
  • Seon Kim,
    IFS Shop Manager
  • Christin Kluge,
    Project Manager Quality Assurance
  • Barbara Kuenzel,
    Project Manager Certificaton Body Management
  • Nina Lehmann,
    Project Manager Academy/ Marketing/ Communications
  • Stéphanie Lemaitre,
    Technical Director
  • Lucie Leroy,
    Project Manager
  • Clemens Mahnecke,
    Technical Project Manager
  • Marek Marzec,
    IFS Business consultant Central/ Eastern Europe
  • Caroline Nowak,
    IFS Representative South America
  • Ksenia Otto,
    IFS Project Manager
  • Sabine Podewski,
    IFS Project Manager Auditor Management
  • Nevin Ruehle,
    Project Management
  • Nadja Schmidt,
    Project Manager Food Checks
  • Sandra Schulte,
    Technical Project Manager IFS Logistics, IFS Broker, IFS Cash&Carry
  • Serena Venturi,
    Project Manager
  • Nicole Zilat,
  • Stephan Tromp,
    IFS Managing Director


IFS Board

The Board members are:

  • Hervé Gomichon, Quality, Responsibility and Risk Management Director, Carrefour Group, Chairman of the IFS Board
  • Hans-Jürgen Matern, Head of Quality Assurance (METRO Group Buying International)
  • Philippe Imbert, Quality Director (EMC Casino Group)
  • Andreas Swoboda, Managing Director for Quality and Environment (tegut… Gutberlet Stiftung & Co.)
  • Andrea Artoni, Responsabile Qualità e Sviluppo CONAD (Ancd) or Sergi Stagni, COOP (Ancc) or Gianni di Falco, POSITION Federdistribuzione
  • Stephan Tromp, HDE, IFS General Manager


board commitee



International Technical Committee

The committees from HDE, FCD, Federdistribuzione, COOP and CONAD, as well as representatives from industry and certification bodies working for Food Law, Food Safety and Quality Assurance, have constituted a Working Group, in order to manage and maintain the IFS technically.

The Working Group consists of a number of experts of the retail industry, of the induustry and of the certification bodies. Their principal task is to enhance the IFS qualitative and to conduct the implementation of the different standards. Within this International Working Group,several members per country shall participate.

The IFS International Technical Committee is responsible for:

  • Determination of the content of the IFS standards and its tools as well as the structure of the evaluation system
  • Determination of changes, additions and cancellation
  • Further development and release of the train-the-trainer concept
  • Determination of the requirements for the accreditation of the certification bodies and auditor competences
  • Support for the managing directors by the development of an evaluation system (quality assurance) for certification bodies and auditors
  • Announcement of the Review Committee and decision about the participants

Beside the International Technical Committee, there are several sub working groups which are helping and providing technical information to the International IFS Working Group. These are:

  • Examination working groups – composed with retailers and experts,
  • National working groups – composed with national retailers who are not necessarily members of the International Working Group.

The Review Committee needs to demonstrate control of the quality and content of the IFS standards and will review the standards and the protocol after one year to ensure that they are still in compliance with their requirements. The Review Committee shall be formed with all participants involved in the audit process: the representatives of the retailers, representatives of the industry and of certification bodies. The review will be carried out at least once a year. The objective of the review committee is to share experiences, discuss and decide about the changes to the IFS Standards, the requirements of the audit report and the training.

technical commitee2

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