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Since 2003, IFS has built its presence around the world as a leading standard for the food supply chain. Now, the time has come for IFS to provide interested food industry consultants a program for supporting suppliers which are implementing IFS standards.

Introducing the all new IFS Consultant Program

This new program provides a method of clearly identifying those consultants who have been trained by IFS in their rolls as consultants of IFS standards. These consultants will be able to identify themselves as being truly knowledgable in the IFS standards and culture, and will be able to present their unique offering to potential clients.

The IFS Consultant Program will allow consultants to promote their businesses and expertise on the IFS Website, and use the site as tool for marketing their services. A listing of standards the consultant is trained in along with their background information helps to clearly separate an IFS Consultant from others.

More information is available about the process below, and also in the forms which can be downloaded from the navigation bar to the right.

We look forward to providing IFS trained consultants a way to further themselves, and to provide a source of confidence in the market.


Get listed in the IFS Consultant Program by:

  • Apply online at the IFS Website for inclusion in the program
  • Meet the basic requirements
  • Attend an IFS provided training course for IFS Food, IFS Logistics, IFS PACsecure, IFS Broker, IFS HPC, or another IFS scheme
  • Accept the terms and conditions of the program


  • Official listing on the IFS website with search functionality
  • A scoring system for clients to rate their consultants
  • Use of the IFS logo
  • Customer feedback can be used as positive reference
  • Consultant-specific material available for support tools


  • Choice of qualified IFS Consultants to support the implementation of IFS products
  • Voluntary rating of the consultant’s service on the IFS Website

Retailer/Other IFS User

  • Professional support for their suppliers in their efforts toward IFS certification 

Join the IFS Consultants group on LinkedIn for more information regarding approved training sessions and the full rollout of the IFS Consultant Program.


There is a fee to join the IFS Consultant Program of 150 €* (approx. $200 US).
The fee is charged annually as long as the consultant wishes to participate in the program.

  • The fee will be credited toward the fee for attending the courses necessary to join or maintain the program.

* Existing IFS auditors need not attend additional
training in already ualified scopes and won’t be responsible to pay the 150 € fee


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Basic requirements of Consultants

General terms of use for the IFS Consultant Evaluation Portal

General terms and licensing conditions for "IFS Consultant"

Registration as consultant

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